Saudi Based Logistics Firm AJEX Launches Specialized Full Mile Services from China to Middle East

06 Dec 2022

Riyadh, December 6, 2022 — A joint venture between Ajlan Group Holding and SF International, AJEX Logistics Services (AJEX), the Middle East specialist in express distribution and shipping solutions, today announced the launch of two new services as part of a significant phase of expansion of the company. The newly available AJEX International E-Commerce Express (ICX) and AJEX International Express Service (IXS) will provide businesses in China, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain an enhanced portfolio of express cross-border delivery services for B2C and B2B.

AJEX International E-Commerce Express (ICX) service enables B2C customers to ship their goods from China to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain in just four to seven days, whether for single-piece or multi-piece shipments up to a 30Kg per parcel. Helping e-commerce businesses meet the demands of consumers, the ICX export and import options offer automated shipping, real-time tracking and proactive notification, and a personalized delivery experience.

AJEX International Express Service (IXS) meanwhile provides B2B customers with a fully integrated service from China to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain in four to seven business days, with exact transit time depending on origin and destination locations.

The newly launched express cross-border services by AJEX are part of the company's efforts to support the soaring demand for cross-border commerce. China is Saudi Arabia's first business partner and bilateral trade between China and Saudi Arabia reached $65.2 billion in 2020. The Saudi CEP (Courier, Express, Parcel) international market is expected to reach $1,032 million in 2027 from $665 million in 2022, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 9.9%.

“Introducing ICX and IXS services in China, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain is an important enhancement to our service portfolio, driven by our customers' requirements for speed, reliability, and transparency” said Nathalie Amiel-Ferrault, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, AJEX. “Saudi Arabia is the largest e-commerce market in the Middle East, and the end-consumers expect flexibility, late-night deliveries, and ease of payment, with Cash-on-delivery representing more than 30% of e-commerce. Our expertise in delivering residential areas in the Kingdom has made our services very attractive to our Chinese and international customers.”

Tia Zhang, Chief of Express at AJEX said, 'Over the last 12 months, the team at AJEX has been working on developing our network and infrastructure with the opening of 20 additional distribution centers and 19 shipping centers in Saudi Arabia so that we can be closer to our customers. Thanks to this major phase of growth for our company today, we can ensure even greater speed and flexibility, enabling us to cater to the growing demand and volume growth from our Chinese and Saudi customers, which has been phenomenal.'