AJEX Empowers Women and Supports Vision 2030 Objectives with Trailblazing Hiring Initiative

14 Mar 2023

08 March, 2023- AJEX Logistics Services, a Middle East specialist in express distribution and shipping solutions, is proud to celebrate a new milestone in its partnership with the Saudi Logistics Academy on International Women's Day. The government-led program, launched in 2021, aims to provide technical knowledge, skills training, and job opportunities to support Vision 2030 objectives of becoming a world-leading logistics hub and empowering women in Saudi Arabia.

As the largest partner in the program, AJEX has committed to hiring 150 Saudi graduates who successfully complete the program. To date, 48 female graduates have or are currently participating in the program, representing a total of 53% of all students. AJEX has already hired 18 female graduates from the program, showcasing its support for Saudization, and promoting greater gender diversity in the industry. A further 10 students are currently engaged in on-the-job training at AJEX.

'Our partnership with the Saudi Logistics Academy is an essential part of our commitment to support Vision 2030 objectives,” said Khalid Aldosari, Chief of Shared Services at AJEX Logistics Services. “By supporting and empowering the next generation of logistics professionals, both men and women, with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, we are supporting not only Saudization but greater gender diversity in the logistics industry. And thanks to our highly skilled and talented youth, we can realize our Vision 2030 ambition to become a leading logistics powerhouse.'

The program curriculum offers a wide range of specializations, including land transport, electronic, shipping and customs operations management, e-commerce, ports and operation management, international trade, import and export, and warehouse management. Taught by a mix of international and local experts, graduates enjoy three months of on-the-job training to complement their theoretical knowledge. After successfully completing their training, graduates are offered employment opportunities that align with their interests and needs.

'I was thrilled to join the Saudi Logistics Academy and participate in the vision to transform Saudi Arabia into a global logistics hub. As one of only 350 candidates accepted out of 15,000 applicants, being accepted onto the program was a proud moment for me,” said Shahad Alyemni, a participant of the SLA program and recent AJEX hire. “Through the program, I learned about logistics from beginning to the end. The three-month on-the-job training with AJEX allowed me to experience first-hand how the shipment process works. I am confident that my diploma from SLA will help me achieve my career goal of working in the logistics industry.'

AJEX's hiring initiative demonstrates its commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace and supporting the development of young talent in the logistics sector. By empowering women and providing job opportunities, the company is contributing to the achievement of Vision 2030 objectives and the growth of the Saudi logistics industry.

“Our commitment to supporting Saudization and gender diversity in the logistics industry remains unwavering, and we are proud to have these trailblazing graduates as part of our team,” Aldosari added.