FAQs - Packing

The type of packaging you should use depends on the nature of the items being shipped. Generally, it's best to use sturdy and durable packaging materials that can withstand the shipping process.

It depends on the condition of the packaging materials. If the packaging materials are still in good condition and can withstand the shipping process, they can be reused. However, if the packaging materials are damaged or worn, it's best to use new materials to ensure the safety of the shipment.

It's important to label your shipment clearly and accurately with the recipient's name, address, and contact information. You should also include the tracking number provided by AJEX. If your shipment contains fragile or perishable items, it's important to label it accordingly to ensure that it is handled properly during transit.

Yes, you can include additional packaging materials to help protect your items during transit. However, it's important to ensure that these materials are properly secured and do not add excessive weight or size to the shipment, which could result in additional fees.